The entry level

Depending on qualification, Stern Stewart & Co. offers various career entry opportunities. All positions share one thing in common: We expect a lot from you, but we also offer you a lot. The boutique nature of our firm offers special opportunities at all career levels.

  • As a student

    We offer outstanding students of Bachelor's and Master's degrees the opportunity to experience the consulting life up close. You are employed right from the start as a full member of a project team. You work out your own workstreams under the guidance of experienced consultants. If you convince us by the way you work and results, and by your personality, the internship is your ticket to a solid career start. We recommend at least ten weeks for an internship. 

  • As a graduate with a Bachelor's degree

    Top graduates of bachelor's degree programs start off with us in our analyst program. Right from the start you are a member of a consulting team. For you this means that you are taking on responsibility from day One - even in contact with our clients. In collaboration with one of our experienced consultants, you will be responsible for projects on larger work packages.

  • As a graduate with a Masters degree

    With an outstanding Master's degree you start your career with us as a associate. After a short time you'll be taking on projects with responsibility for your own workstreams client contacts - of course with experienced consultants at your side. Our goal is for you to get to know the entire spectrum of topics of our strategy boutique during your time as associate. This way you'll be trained as a generalist in the core management issues and learn about the various industries.

  • As a graduate with a Ph.D. or MBA

    With an MBA from a renowned business school or a Ph.D., you start off (depending on your experience) as associate or senior associate. Given your qualifications, you'll be expected to quickly assume responsibility for the project, but also for our company. Within projects, you will work autonomously on larger subprojects. You learn to think entrepreneurially and significantly contribute to finding solutions. With the support of experienced colleagues you will be specifically trained in the acquisition of managerial responsibility and building client relationships. The goal is to prepare you for your role in the next career step as a project manager. 

  • As a professional

    Depending on your previous experience, activity and responsibility Stern Stewart & Co. offers you a customized entry into our consultancy. To us, experience means that you have already led project teams and / or have taken over budget and personnel responsibility. Also, your previous professional activity should match our consultancy services.



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