Stephan Beinert – Associate

Once I got to know Stern Stewart, the decision for my first job was easy: boutique strategy firm instead of automotive corporation.

I already had a foot in the door of the industrial sector, but then Stern Stewart’s boutique character made all the difference

My studies had already followed an interdisciplinary (business administration and mechanical engineering) and international route, and I did many internships, even abroad. After working with a large automobile manufacturer, I was given the opportunity to take a job there, and it seemed as if I had already made up my mind. But then I was introduced to Stern Stewart just before the end of my studies during a university event where I noticed: internationality, a networking approach and an incredible variety of industries and subjects, in addition to the opportunity to really make a difference. Stern Stewart offers the perfect mix for me! 

When all expectations are exceeded, already during my first year

My expectations were not let down at all: During my first year I worked in Zurich, L.A., Boston, and Vienna. The industries were just as diverse as the places: medical engineering, lighting industry, publishing industry, and oil industry. International corporations and national challenges were all much more demanding, but at the same time much more exciting than I could have hoped for as an employee in the industrial sector. Stern Stewart's general idea of finding customer-specific solutions instead of applying an approach from the standard toolbox is what makes every new project so exciting! With all the multiple facets and the diversity of a consultant’s existence, the benefits of a boutique are also very clear: familial, collegial, all for one and one for all. This is the perfect mix for me!

  • About me

    - Studies in technology and management oriented business administration at the
      Technical University of Munich (Germany)
    - Hobbies: Kite surfing, mountain biking, golf

  • My career at Stern Stewart

    - Began working at Stern Stewart in 2012 as an associate after having acquired my
      university diploma
    - Recent projects: Pricing and incentive strategy in medical engineering, cost reduction
      program for an international manufacturer of illuminants