Jennifer Klautzsch - Associate

Thanks to the ‘CEO for 2 Days’ Workshop, I gained some real insight into the company and felt integrated right from the start. In just two months I went from being a workshop participant to a colleague.

From CEO workshop participant to associate

During my studies in Mannheim, I got to know SSCO at the Career Fair. In the spring of 2016, I applied for the ‘CEO for 2 Days’ workshop and together with 11 other participants spent two exciting days at the Munich office. During the workshop, I noticed that at SSCO people are developed and challenged individually. Moreover, I was impressed right away with the familiar atmosphere in the company which is why I applied for the position of associate after the workshop.

What makes our strategy boutique different?

Before I started at Stern Stewart I had done a few internships in large corporations. Ultimately, I decided in favor of a small consultancy company because for me there are three main advantages:

1. The project topics change often so it is possible to gain insight into many different sectors and subjects.
2. Be it in terms of content or client contact, in a small team you assume a lot of responsibility right from the beginning.
3. You get to know your colleagues quickly, also on a personal level.

  • About me

    - Hobbies: travelling, running and exploring my new hometown of Munich
    - University degree in business administration from Mannheim and a Master’s degree in marketing, strategy and innovation from London

  • My career at Stern Stewart

    - Started as an associate in early 2016
    - Recent projects: Market launch in the lighting industry, cost reduction program at an oil and gas company