Dr. Tobias Braun – Partner

"As a consultant at Stern Stewart every day reaffirms what has become clear to me during my doctoral leave: Consulting is exactly what I want to do for a living."

From disbeliever to true believer

When I had to choose my major at the university I consciously decided not to study business administration and chose economics instead. I also decided to get a second degree in philosophy and political science. As can be expected, for a large part of my studies, I did not really consider business consultancy as the career move of my dreams. However, an internship as a consultant near the end of my studies completely changed my view by 180 degrees. What I learned back then still applies to this day: Consulting is exactly what I want to do: discussing eye to eye with top managers, finding solutions to various problems with my colleagues as a team, getting to know the greatest variety of people, companies and cultures while being firmly rooted in my company. 

The doctorate as a milestone in my personal development and career

I have now been with Stern Stewart for over six years and can well imagine taking the next and also last step in my career by becoming a partner. This is especially due to the liberties and opportunities for further development offered to me by Stern Stewart, such as our generous doctorate program. My doctoral thesis did not have to be consultancy-related in order to obtain sponsorship. I could get my doctorate in the field that interested me. The support I received during my doctorate showed me how much we as a company value the further development of our colleagues, in an environment where everybody can develop in an absolutely individualized manner.

  • About me

    - Degree in economics and second degree in philosophy and political science at the 
       Universities of Passau (Germany) and Dublin (Ireland).

    - Doctorate at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg at the school for
       business ethics on the subject "The regulation of rating agencies in the context of the
       worldwide financial and economic crisis"
    - Married
    - Hobbies: Squash, badminton and soccer as well as cooking 

  • My career at Stern Stewart

    - Began working at Stern Stewart in 2007 as an associate after having acquired my
      undergraduate diploma
    - Partner since 2015
      marketing, in addition to project work
    - Focus: Introduction of holistic control systems, development and monitoring of        strategy processes, management of cost and cash saving programs in the   automotive and industrial goods industry.